29 October 2013

a tiny break

Most recently I did something quite radical (for a practical me, at least), I booked the two little kids extra days at childcare. I work three days a week while the kids are at school/childcare. Normally on my days off work, I have my two non-school age kids tagging along with me while we go about our errands. I was T.I.R.E.D.  and felt the urge of taking a tiny break. (Two years ago, I did something similar- I travelled by myself to the US. I didn't think I could have afforded an overseas travel this time around). So for two days per week for one month, I had the whole day to myself.

I was elated at the idea that I didn't have to be anywhere, at anytime. For someone who has thrown the switch full-on to motherhood, there was a chance I could have felt a teeny-weeny bit guilty. That anxious practical side of me shouting that I’m spending too much money to be able to enjoy a limited amount of time child-free. But, there was none of it!

There were a few mornings that  I went back to bed after I've sent the kids off to school. There were regular unhurried sessions at the gym. A lot of window shopping. Many coffees by my lonesome. There were afternoons catching up on entertainment news and reality show reruns. I downloaded romance eBooks - devouring every detail no matter how cheesy, no matter how predictable.  I even laid low on social network.

And you know what, it’s reassuring to affirm that I haven’t forgotten just how to be myself, by myself. That underneath the all consuming cloak of motherhood, when I get a chance at re-experiencing my child-free self, it really is ‘all still there’.

"just because" roses from the hubby. 

20 October 2013

sun-day sunday

Warning: excessive iPhone snapshots happening in 3...2...1...

It's still officially spring in my part of the world but we've been experiencing warm, humid days already. Save for the bushfires happening in New South Wales, we live for sunny days. We particularly love sunny day Sundays that we can spend pottering around the home- baking like calories don't count, boogie-ing like nobody cares and swimming like summer never ends.

04 October 2013

two years old

My dearest 'vanna, 

Two years ago, I gave birth to a little girl. You. All 2870 grams, 49.5 centimetres of you. Look how much you've grown in two years. No longer a baby, you've crossed over into the wonderful stage of toddlerhood. 

You'll eat pretty much anything, at this stage. Chocolate is still your favourite though (ha! Big surprise, not). You'll drop everything if you see that a piece chocolate is on offer. 

You are a typical generation alpha. The iPhone or the iPad is your thing. Your vocabulary includes "you tube", and "low battery", among others. 

You have the boys wrapped in your little finger. You scream with glee when your dad comes home. Your brothers indulge you. You'd have them chasing you around all day if you could, and they probably would too. 

You have a BFF. His name is Orlando. When I ask you how school was, you try to string along a sentence but the message is always, "lando this, lando that." 

You seem to favour the word "mine." Once I caught you talking in your sleep and you said,  "miiine, miiine!" And today, when you woke up, you noticed that your brother Nicolas was playing with your bike, guess what your first word for the day was? Your second most favourite word is "no". Sometimes I wonder if you relish saying "no" just to do the complete opposite of what I'm asking. You are feisty like that. 

I find that you're a tactile, touchy-feely little person. Your iloveyous come with a kiss. Your sorrys are followed with hugs. When you try to sleep at night, you like holding my hand. You are affectionate like that. 

As you can see, I can talk so much about you. I could come up with a sonnet about you, in the first instance. I would if you want me to. 

Happy 2nd birthday, Savanna! You bring us pure joy. I try to be a better person because I'm your momma. I love you, today and always.

first sight: 28 September 2011

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